Current Electricity - Study Material CBSE IITJEE NEET

Unit-2 Current Electricity

Goals of study By studying this chapter, you will learn:
• The meaning of electric current, and how charges move in a conductor.
• What is meant by the resistivity and conductivity of a substance.
• How to calculate the resistance of a conductor from its dimensions and its resistivity.
• How an electromotive force (emf) makes it possible for current to flow in a circuit.
• How to do calculations involving energy and power in circuits.
• How to analyze circuits with multiple resistors in series or parallel.
• Rules that you can apply to any circuit with more than one loop.
• How to use meter bridge and potentiometer in a circuit.            

 Chapter-1  [Download pdf]

List of topics covered 

    1. Electric Current its cause in Metals/ Flow of electrons in the conductors
    2. Drift Velocity, Relaxation time,Free Path (Derivation)
    3. Current Density
    4. Current Density in terms of Drift Velocity
    5. Relation between Current and Drift velocity
    6. Relation between current density and Relaxation time
    7. Important points about current density and expressions for conductivity and resistivity
    8. Definition of conductivity, Resistivity and Mobility
    9. Ohm’s Law
    10. Temperature dependence of Resistivity and resistance of metals
    11. Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity/Resistance
    12. Thermistor
    13. Battery, Electromotive Force (EMF), Terminal Potential Difference, Internal  Resistance of a cell                                                                                                   
      Chapter-2 [Download pdf]
        List of topics covered 
        1. Factors on which internal resistance depends, terminal potential difference and EMF depends
        2. Relation between terminal potential difference, EMF and internal resistance of a cell
        3. Color code of Resistance
        4. Resistance in Parallel and series
        5. Kirchhoff's laws
        6. Grouping of Cells, series and parallel
        7. Mixed grouping of cells
        8. Wheat stone Bridge
        9. Measurement of unknown Resistance by using Wheat Stone Bridge
        10. Meter Bridge
        11. Potentiometer and its applications
        12. Thermal effects of current
        13. Power consumed by group of Resistances
        14. Power Rating
        15. Efficiency of source of emf
        16. Power Transmission
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